Six Practical Tips for Minimizing OSHA Liability

As many employers know, OSHA penalties can be costly. Some employers, however, never even receive an OSHA citation. Why is this? Is it luck? Or is it because the employer implemented well-thought and planned systems and strategies specifically designed to promote the health and safety of its workers? In my recent article in Industry Week, I assert that it is likely the later – and provide six practical tips and strategies that employers in virtually any industry may implement.

These strategies include:

  • perform a self-assessment;
  • create and implement an effective safety and health program;
  • be prepared for an inspection;
  • know your rights and the process;
  • evaluate potential defenses; and
  • take advantage of OSHA programs.

A complete copy of the article, “Minimizing OSHA Liability Through (More Than) an Ounce of Prevention,” can be found here.

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